Room Acoustics Software

For Windows. For professionals.

The Room Acoustics Software for Windows meets the requirements of professional designers. It offers a wide range of functions and numerous possibilities for individualization.

All calculations are performed in octaves in the frequency range from 125 Hz to 4 kHz. In essence, they are based on Sabine's formula for the reverberation time. The required target figures are derived depending on the standard. In addition to the reverberation time itself, this is, for example, the entire equivalent absorption area in the room or the noise reduction by means of sound-absorbing measures in the diffuse sound field outside the reverberation radius.

The current version 2.2 allows planning in German and English language according to:

  • DIN 18041,
  • ÖNORM B 8115-3,
  • Arrêté du 25 avril 2003,
  • NF S 31-080,
  • PN-B-02151-4,
  • ASR 3.7 und
  • VDI 2569.
Further standards are added regularly.

Individual rooms can be grouped into projects and stored in a single file. If you want, you can use the auto-save function.

Room acoustics design can be carried out purely on the basis of architectural conditions or based on a measurement of the reverberation time. With version 2.2 it is now possible to directly import reverberation times measured with devices from Norsonic and NTi Audio. The results of several series of measurements can be averaged during import.

In addition to the specifications of the standards, it is possible to have the reverberation time calculated for different occupancy states. For example, to estimate whether a large seminar room is suitable for a small audience.

The Room Acoustics Software contains an up-to-date database with over 3200 variants of sound-absorbing products from many well-known manufacturers. Additionally, there are far more than 100 data sets for typical furnishings, building materials and constellations of persons taken from literature.

Of course, you can also add your own product data. If you work in a team, you can maintain this data together and share them. Your Sarooma-Team-Cloud takes care of data synchronisation effortlessly without your involvement. A signal will always show you whether your data is synchronised.

With the new Chart Gallery, which shows the absorption graph for all products in tiles, and the new Full Text Search it is now even easier to to find a fitting absorber.

To facilitate the selection of suitable sound absorbers further, we've created a special feature. When you click on the product select box, the program calculates for each of the products whether it meets the requirements of the standard in the chosen quantity. If so, it will appear in the list with a black font. If it almost meets the requirements, it will have a medium-gray font and if it doesn't meet the requirements, it will have light-gray font. This way, you can see at a glance which products are suitable under the given conditions.

Once the planning is finished, the project can be exported to a Word document and edited there. For each room two tables are created – one with the information about the room, the furniture, and the absorbers and one with the result of the calculation.

The Room Acoustics Software is provided to you via download. In order to activate it, you need an account with us, which we set up for you. We use your email address as username. You assign the password yourself.

We will gladly provide you with a fully functional trial version for two weeks. Feel free to write us an email.